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Bruno Talarico is the expert in the construction sector, with extensive knowledge; he is a technical sales manager with over 15 years of solid experience in sales and organisation product sales in lots.

With over ten years of experience in the TILES sector, in the dynamics of particular specialisations, the expert has extensive experience in the sale of stock of low cost, end of series, third choices, oven back-end and acquisitions direct from the tile yard itself, with the identification of batches of materials, pieces of particular interest and end lots.

Even in the plumbing and fittings sector, Bruno Talarico has important useful experience in the selection of cheaper and technically valid lots.

Expert in sales, developed being in charge of direct contact with leading companies in the building sector, industry expertise and restructuring of civilian housing and commercial properties.

Expert in the launching, development and coordination of new showrooms, with a focus on sales training of personnel.

Consolidated capacity in the planning and development of the budget with sales targeted at builders, installers and specialised technical firms. This specialisation has been supported by a direct presence in the FACTORIES of the NATIONAL district of SASSUOLO; of the Made in Italy in direct contact with the production and experts of the various FACTORIES.

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