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J'accepte et approuve le Code d'éthique AfB (obligatoire)

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Code d’éthique AfB

The preparation of the Code of Conduct is part of a journey that AfB decided to implement a series of initiatives to affirm and make public its principles and values based on the concept of “corporate social responsibility”. In recent years, the theme of social responsibility has emerged as a stronger and central. The ethical aspects of fairness, accountability, transparency and respect for human rights seem to affect more and more economic and social systems, while parallel increases the role of all actors (institutions, employees , suppliers, contractors, customers, associations, unions, etc.) within companies. Suppliers and subcontractors AfB are encouraged to read the code and sign it to engage directly with the respect. All other stakeholders AfB are urged to read carefully and always keeping in mind the content. Ethics and compliance with standards is a responsibility AfB intends to share with its trading partners. The reputation of AfB must be flawless, perfect – no exceptions. Anyone who becomes aware of situations that may seem not to respect the values and ethics code of conduct standards, inform the Directorate AfB. Organizations that apply the code of ethics to ensure their social responsibility in the protection of the following:
human rights-not to the exploitation of children – health and safety at work.
AfB between commitments and its customers / suppliers:
Honesty and fairness – Transparency
Human rights
AfB respects the fundamental rights of individuals, protects their moral integrity and guarantees equal opportunities. In the internal and external relationships are not permitted behaviors that have a discriminatory content based on race, religious belief, age, health status, political opinion, trade union, nationality, sexual orientation and generally any intimate characteristic of the human person. AfB believes that diversity is an opportunity in terms of innovation and development through dialogue and confrontation of ideas, opinions and experiences. AfB must also ensure working conditions which respect the rules of conduct of good manners. Moreover, doing so in the workplace does not constitute harassment, bullying or stalking. AfB is also committed to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct towards employees, collaborators and all their other corporate stakeholders: customers / users, suppliers, associations, institutions, communities. No exploitation of minors. The AfB commitment of its employees and its business partners (customers / users, suppliers, associations, institutions, communities) is to fight against the use and exploitation of minors. All the above parties, they are required to notify the Ministry of AfB any information in its possession on the cases of child labor at suppliers as well AfB. Health and security at work
AfB agrees to comply with all regulations on safety and health at work and making the same customers / suppliers in order to protect the health and safety of its workers should feel obliged to comply with the procedures application on their seats work.
AfB between commitments and its customers / suppliers
The engagement between AfB and its customers / suppliers should be expressed in compliance with the commitments made in terms of punctuality, safety standards, the quality of our products and services.
Honesty and fairness
AfB establishes relationships with stakeholders in accordance with the rules of fairness, loyalty, cooperation and mutual respect. In any case, the interests of the Company justify behavior that is not honest.
The AfB employees are required to provide transparent, accurate, comprehensive and comprehensible manner that the Company is able to make independent decisions regarding the interests that bind its customers / suppliers.
The AfB Management